Procrastination’s Progress

I procrastinate to the extreme. Very often I don’t get started on my homework until after 11 o’clock. Don’t get me wrong, I am a good student and I get all of my work done and turned in on time but if I can take some time right now to do something enjoyable, I will. It is a major fault of mine.

But I’m not the only one. Many other students, as well as those who are out of school, have the same problem. It’s not easy to focus in on something when there are so many distractions. For me, any distraction will do. The worst one of all, though, is my computer. In this little piece of technology there is an infinite number of possibilities, all of which are at my disposal with the click of a mouse (or, in my case, keypad). I find myself starting on facebook and ranging out to youtube, hulu, or just google to see if I can find something new with many stops back to facebook to play games or whatnot.

When I finally tear myself away from my computer (which takes a considerable amount of time), I have found myself to have a rather humorous habit. I will start to clean. Not on purpose, of course. I’ll go to pick up my textbook and notice something looks dirty and be completely sidetracked. I usually don’t realize it’s happened until I’ve already finished cleaning and I can’t remember what my original purpose was.

I have come up with all sorts of excuses for my friends and family for my procrastination over the years, but the one that seems to work best, and is the most truthful, is that I work best at night. I am a night owl to the extreme and when it’s completely dark outside and most people are contemplating sleep, that is when I am the most energized. I am more awake after 10 o’clock than any other time of day. As such, I find that it is easier, and better, for me to do my homework then. I can zip through a two page paper as if it is a paragraph at night, whereas during the day it would take me much longer because I would keep being distracted, mainly from lack of interest.

There is another thing that I’ve found out about myself recently that makes me feel much better about how lazy I can be. My dad just recently told me that it can be hard to get me going but once I focus on something and really get to work I am one of the best workers. This really floored me at first because that isn’t something I’ve ever heard someone say about me. On reflection, though, I have to agree. Once something really grabs my attention and I want to get it done, there isn’t anything that really stops me. And I have to say, I am rather proud of that. It may be a contradiction to be lazy and a hard worker, but that is exactly what I am, and what we all are. After all, aren’t we all contradictions in one way or another?