Advice 2

So, I had to give up on NanoWrimo. School decided that this semester wasn’t quite hard enough, so it procured three research papers and a creative writing portfolio for me to put together and then lumped on top of the pile of misfortune two final cumulative exams on the same day.


So, I have a partly finished novel that I am forced to put aside until the semester stops dogging my heels. In the mean time, I am also taking a larger hiatus from here. Don’t worry, it is only three weeks. I will be back before you know it. I do, however, want to offer this to you until then.

So, my creative writing professor here at college is Dr. Robert Vivian, a man who walks around the world in perpetual wonder. He is amazing and offers some of the best advice when it comes to writing that I have ever received. This is my third semester in a row with him and I regret nothing except that I have taken all of his creative writing classes and can no longer continue (though, I am currently trying to devise a way to change that… we shall see). His curiosity about the world can never be fulfilled and he is continually astonished by the beauty he is surrounded by.

Seriously. You may think I am exaggerating, but I am not in the slightest. He refuses to hold his creative writing in a normal classroom because he feels his mind is too confined and moves them permanently to a corner in the library where we are surrounded by books and that unique smell they give off or the basement of the chapel where occasionally piano music drifts through the floorboards as we work. He offers assignments where he simply gives us a list of characteristics and asks us to write a story where they are all included, has us create a fictional town and then insists we propagate characters to fit inside, takes us outside to sit in the sunlight on the lawn and write about a ray of light on some object, or sends us on a scavenger hunt for the last half of the class period to find the oldest book in the library and then write about it (by the way… I highly suggest you do these prompts. They are quite engaging.).

So, I have decided to share a bit of his wisdom with you. He is a firm believer that writing comes from a place of other, a dream space that sends us inspiration to the point where we are simply a conduit of words and phrases to place upon the page… sound familiar? Yeah… kind of like my theory about my Muse. That probably explains why I like him so much. The following link is a paper he wrote about the writing process and I do hope you will take the time to read it. He wrote it several years ago, but it is still relevant to what he teaches and the writing process in general. He explains his theory in more detail within and I think it will help those of you who are actually managing to finish NanoWrimo or simply write and are looking for some new inspiration/writing advice.



NanoWrimo Excerpt 2

“Do not forget the reason you were chosen Desidarius.A robed man stood across the ambrosia fountain from Kira, his eyes sad.

“I will not forget and your sacrifice shall not be in vain.” The voice that left Kira’s voice was not her own, and its masculine tones reverberated with loss and determination. Her body sank into a kneeling position in front of the fountain and her hands, far larger than her own, reached forward to clasp the lip.

“Then we shall begin.” The man stepped back into a circle of robed men and they joined hands. She felt them begin to build up their power and thrust it into her body. Her head was thrown back with the force of it as she felt each link holding her soul to her body being severed one by one. She began to lost consciousness as the last link was broken, and the last thing she was aware of was her face falling into the Ambrosia.


Kira suddenly collapsed, her head striking the ground with a sickening thud. It took all of Corvus’ willpower not to step forward. Protocol was clear. No matter what happened, do not break the circle until the initiated mage opened her eyes.

But then, Kira grasped her temples and started to scream. “Who are you? How did you get in my head? Get out, Get Out, GET OUT!” She curled into a ball and her magic erupted around her all at once before suddenly focusing inward, creating a great pressure in the room. The torches flickered and then suddenly died as the force of her magic drew upon their energy, leaving only whisps of smoke to ascertain their previous existence

If she continued, Kira would surely destroy herself. He had to stop her.

But just as suddenly as her magic had begun to rage out of control, it stopped. The magical pressure released and the torches flickered back to life as Kira froze in place and Corvus stared at her face in amazement as a black tattoo slowly curled out of her left eye. It snaked away from her eye, questing outwards until a tight spiral was fully formed from the corner of eye.


I’ve decided to take part in the sensation. Yup. I’m joining the crowd. So, today is my apology for a future of sparse updates. I will occasionally (when time permits) post advice or little clips of what I’ve written, but if you really want to know how I’m doing you can add me on NanoWrimo if you are also patricipating (my username is rogueapprentice). This is my first time participating, but I want to give it my all while managing to balance it with my coursework. I’d love to hear any advice you guys have on how to push through it and succeed!