Getting to the Meat of Me

It’s a ball of quills

quivering in constant motion

that I hold tightly in my hands,

trying to contain it,

and the more I squeeze

the deeper each quill digs,

parting my flesh to get to the meat of me

and its’ poison seeps,

slowly at first and then

quicker, faster, rapidly

growing closer, nearer,

following the vines of my veins

until it reaches my heart.

The sound beating grows erratic,


losing natural rhythm until my cells

are replaced with apprehensions

and each desperate beat of my heart

ticks a clock’s time,

and I squeeze tighter in my pain,

enhancing the quill’s power

in the act of suppressing.

I would really like an opinion on this. I wrote it in the middle of pre-exam stress, but I feel like it can relate to more than that. I’m also having trouble with the title, so any input on that would also be greatly appreciated. What I have right now is spur of the moment… I’m not really sure what title really fits.



Hey, all, this is just a quick apology for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I’m at the end of the semester of school right now, so my schedule has grown arms and legs and terrorizes me daily. Luckily, after next week I will be done and I can go back to my usual schedule. So, this is my apology and my promise that I will soon be back to my regular schedule. In the mean time be safe, enjoy the weather (if it is nice wherever you are), and godspeed.


P.S. A couple of weeks ago I was nominated for a blog award that I have not talked about yet, so when I next post it will be a double posting. I will put up one about the award and another regular one. Just something for you to look forward to. 😉

Refreshing Rain

Rain has so many different connotations on society today. In movies, the most sorrowful scenes are guaranteed to have, if not a drizzle of rain, a downpour. Scary movies will have a thunderstorm, as will the biggest battles of action movie. But when did rain become so negative?

Rain is a wonderful thing. It cleanses the earth of ill humors and nourishes life. The cacophony of thunderstorms and the flash of lightening can be the perfect accompaniment to a bad mood as well as a beautiful showcase of nature’s fury. It’s soft patter lulls you into the deepest sleep so you wake up feeling as refreshed as the world around you.

Rain reminds me of younger days, when I would run out into the downpour and feel the droplets course down my face. After twirling in the rain and getting so wet that I couldn’t remember what it was like to be dry, I would come inside and read a book. After all, what better occupation is there for a rainy day than a good book?