Random Scene 4

I just wrote this and… I really like it. There is, however, some info you need first. I wrote this using a prepared list of characteristics for certain types of creatures I’ve made and two of them are in this scene. Suffice it to say that Kira is a mage, so no extra explanation is needed for that. The shapeshifter’s characteristics are what you would usually expect, except that they usually can only stay in one form at a time, which is what makes this character so interesting. In addition, there is a siren in this. Sirens, in this universe, can be male or female and they can take a person’s will from them with any type of contact combined with a strong feeling towards the siren, i.e. hatred, love, or, in this case, anger, and a song.

I hope you like it, as this wasn’t what I had originally planned on posting this week, but the general would not be silenced. She wanted her story to be told and my Muse would not shut up about it either. So… yup. Enjoy! Comments/advice is always appreciated!

General Allura was a blur.

Kira had heard about people who fought using human and beast forms simultaneously. It was a rare and incredibly difficult ability that used up a phenomenal amount of energy. Combatants were said to be almost inert afterwards but many said it would be worth learning. The advantages of sudden claws and teeth combined with the extra movement it lent a fighter made them a whirlwind of sharp points and joints that an opponent would be unable to predict.

Hearing rumors about it was one thing, but to see it in action was a mixture of breathtaking, terrifying, and sickening. General Allura used her transformation to dodge under attacks with specific bone rearrangements and then straightened the bones back out to lend more force to a blow.  One moment striped fur slithered across her skin and then it sunk in to show her bones press against human flesh as they rearranged. Her face, when Kira caught a glimpse, switched from pointed snout to human features that were hard to look at, but in either form her teeth were bared in an animalistic snarl.

Even more surprising was to see the assassin match her blow for blow. He dodged and punched and twirled around her, forcing the general to push herself to keep him away from her back. His flurried attacks would have taken down the King in a heartbeat, she was sure, had he been given the chance.

They suddenly locked blows, his knife scraping against her sword as they stood as close as the blades permitted, and then Kira saw the assassin’s left hand flick forward towards the general’s side.

The general, however, was equally quick and pulled a knife from her back sheath and into the assassin’s hand. He cried out and dropped the needle he held, then jumped back and turned to run.

The general was equally quick, though. Her legs rippled into a tiger’s and she pounced down upon him, holding a knife to his throat with one hand and kneeling upon his hands. He was effectively pinned.

He was not, however beaten. His face, pressed into the tiles and hidden by his mask, revealed enough of his eyes for Kira to see a gleam of triumph. His jaw clenched and his body suddenly bucked as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Then his pupils rolled forward and focused. He opened his mouth and sang.

It was beautiful and yet, harsh. His voice could not be matched but there was a certain amount of fury in the tone that made her heart start to beat faster and her hands clenched. Beside her, she heard Dillion gasp in fear, “Siren,” before his voice was drowned out in the beauty. She closed her eyes and swayed to the music and then it dawned on her. Siren. Voice. Music. Manipulation.

She forced her eyes open and drew her mind back into herself, forcing herself to ignore the magic’s lure. She looked at the general and her heart froze.

General Allura’s eyes were also closed, but she was moving. In the interlude of Kira’s own entrapment, the general had gotten off of the assassin and was now moving towards the King with purposeful steps, her sword and knife held before her. The assassin was going to use her to kill the King.

Kira quickly drew upon her magic, in her desperation plunging all of herself into the well of fire in her soul, and threw a rope of magic around the siren, her intent simply being to cut off the siren’s voice and end the spell.

Her desperation, however, had pushed her to lose control and too much magic leaked out. Rather than simply cutting off the assassin’s voice momentarily, Kira cut his vocal cords completely and, in the process, destroyed the siren’s source of power. Her magic, surrounding her very self, took control and kept weaving it’s own spell. It raced out of his vocal cords and along his limbs, freezing them into immobility so that he suddenly crumpled onto the floor in a heap. Before it could do more damage, Kira ripped herself out of the fire and cut the magic completely.

All of this had happened in a manner of moments. The general stopped in her movement towards the King, puzzled, and then realization dawned and she turned back to the assassin with a snarl, only to see him immobilized completely.


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