Take A Break

I am an easily stressed person. Even if my life is going considerably easily, I still find ways to become stressed. I’ll worry about things coming up in a couple of months or how tired my parents are starting to look. When I have a reason to be stressed, it consumes my thoughts and I have trouble sitting still even if there isn’t anything I can do about right at that very second.

So, sometimes, I just have to find a way to escape.

Now, normally my escape is books but when I’m in college, reading for fun is not an option. It instantly consumes me and the option of actually doing my homework becomes more of a suggestion. So, I’ve turned to coloring. For Christmas, I asked for some coloring books and now, whenever the stress becomes too much, I turn on some instrumental music and color.

There isn’t much that can make my mind go blank, but coloring manages splendidly. It takes the knot of frustration, fear, and… just general angst and smooths it out gently, as I’m rocking slowly in a boat out on a lake with the sun shining down and warming my skin and a light breeze wafting past my cheek. It gives me the inner peace that escapes me most days.

So today that is what I want you to do. No, not color (unless you are inclined to do so, in which case I heartily support you). Today, I want you to stop and take some time for yourself. Do whatever it takes for your inner peace to smooth over your soul. We all need a break sometimes.

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