Dream’s Creation

I am surrounded by nothingness. I am a nameless entity in a sea of possibility. I reach out and snatch tendrils of thoughts and weave them together. After some examination, I am satisfied and release it to form however it wishes. It grows in leaps and bounds until I, who was once in control, am lead into a story of its own creation. I jump from character to character, scene to scene, finding no reason in any of it and not caring. Stories are unveiled before me as I am rushed along on the tide of thought and I find myself anticipating something, though I know not what it is. I know I’m close, so that my goal is almost tangible. If I had just a moment more, I could reach it.

But then the alarm clock wakes me. I don’t remember any specifics of the dream, knowing only that it was a good one. I feel satisfied, as if I have accomplished something in my slumber, but I also feel that I have forgotten something very important, something that never should have been forgotten. No worries, though. I’m sure that I will rediscover it tonight, when I once again build a new world for myself to experience.

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