The Difficulties Of An Author

I’ve always wanted to write a book. Ever since I was small, I was taking my surroundings and twisting them with my imagination into an interesting storyline. In school, when asked to write a short story, I inevitably found myself coming up with ideas that could not be contained into a short ten page piece, but was worthy of becoming a book.

But when it actually came down to choosing a topic to write, I found myself at a loss. What story could I cover that hadn’t already be told by another? Could it be up to par with those written by the authors that I so greatly admired? And, once I did settle on a topic, would I be able to keep my audience in suspense until the very end?

These are the questions that still plague me. I have finally settled on a topic for a book to write, but I have found myself unable to really step forward and write it. I have done all of the background work. The plot is planned, the races of the land has been decided upon, the map is drawn… but now I find myself facing a new conundrum. How do I make my characters real? I know what they should do, where they should go, but what are their vices? No person is perfect, and so they need some imperfections.

The biggest problem I face, though, is conversation. I have managed to write up to the first major conversation and I don’t know how to begin. What will they say? I need to reveal what kind of people they are, but whenever I start to write the conversation sounds… forced.

I feel like these problems are not insurmountable and, upon reflection, I think it can be said that I am actually afraid to start writing. Even though this is something I have always wanted to do, I am not sure if I am ready to actually take action. So my book stays on a back burner of my life right now, something to return to and analyze until I am ready to bring forth my tale and show the world what my mind is capable of.

4 thoughts on “The Difficulties Of An Author

  1. I’m facing the same challenge with my own novel. I’ve planned everything down to a T, and now that it’s time to actually do the writing, I find myself procrastinating, and never able to like what I do write. One thing I try that usually helps is to remind myself to be a writer now, and editor later. Just get the words out on the page, and you can work on their tone and effectiveness later.

    • Thanks for the advice! I guess you are right, there is always time to go back and edit what I’ve already written.

      • That being said though, putting the editor aside is one of the hardest things I’ve encountered in writing… So you have to ask yourself if putting the editor aside takes too much energy to be worth it. I guess it’s all in what you need, huh?

  2. “Love conquers all.” ~ Virgil

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