The Tale Of The Sword

The sword lies upon a pedestal

Gleaming brightly as if to prove

That even with its edge long gone

And having become no more than decoration

It has tales to tell of times long past.

Of times when famine, pestilence, and war were common

And to survive one had to grip onto life

By the edges of the fingertips.

When what was most important to Man

Was survival and kinship.

When nothing was certain

And the peaceful life that many wished to live

Could be ripped away on the caprices of others.

When a farmer’s boy,

Barely out of childhood,

Was sent out to protect a kingdom

Whose dimensions were far larger

Than his simple homestead.

And how he grew into a man

Defending his beliefs in an epic tale

That would soon be forgotten.

The sword will tell you this tale

If you will listen.

Just close your eyes

And give your imagination free reign.

For this story lives on only in you

And the weapon whose sole purpose

Is to convey that which has been forgotten.

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